August 25, 2021

8 Tips From A Professional: How To Get The Best Wedding Photography

Wedding tips

Getting incredible wedding pictures takes more than luck.

It can be quite a tedious task indeed, not just for the photographer but for the couple too. There are a few things that have come up time and time again and many weddings later, I have put together a list of some of the areas to focus on to ensure the best possible outcome and wedding pictures on your big day.

  1. Find a photographer you trust and get along with. Finding someone you have a good connection with, who makes you feel at ease helps, A LOT. This person will be a huge part of your wedding day, from start to finish. Make sure they are someone you are comfortable around. 
  2. Consider an engagement shoot. This is a good opportunity to build a relationship with your photographer, find styles and poses you like and iron out any bad posing habits you might have. (Chandlar Bing smile syndrome is real!)
  3. Find the right location. Don’t wait until the day of to decide. Scout out some locations nearby or at the venue with your photographer so that things run smoothly on the day. Photographers also know their spots and lighting and will be able to give you great insight here, listen to them.
  4. Choose your hair and makeup artists wisely. Wedding makeup, especially, is a specialised art. Do your research and find artists whose wedding hair and makeup has been photographed well. Do a trial! Again, it is better not to have any surprises on the day.
  5. Tan with caution. Again, a trial run is ALWAYS recommended. If you're planning on applying fake tan before the big day, go a shade lighter than you ordinarily would for a special occasion. A very long story short, fake tan will often look more orange in photographs than in the flesh, and in photographs may look darker or enhance the appearance of tan lines. Find a tanning studio that has done weddings and has experience and a proven track record. 
  6. Try to keep to your schedule. More than just for the sake of your poor guests, especially if you're having a summer wedding, think about the big picture. The more things go to plan and the less of a rush you’re in the more relaxed and happy you will look in your pictures. 
  7. Pack a makeup touch up kit. The photos don't stop after the ceremony, so make sure to keep your makeup topped up throughout photo sessions, especially after the tears! (remember to wipe them away gently ;) ) Buy a few products after your trial, once you and your makeup artist have decided on the final look, including lip products, a powder and a concealer.
  8. Don’t focus on how you look. Natural and happy, that's what you’re aiming for, the more you stress about your body the more uptight and uncomfortable you’ll look. On your wedding day, you should look like yourself.

There are many more tips and tricks to ensure great outcomes on your wedding day but these are a few of our favourite wedding hacks.

Most of all, keep it simple and soak up every moment. Before you know it the day will be done and no one will care about the small things but if you cherish the moments, you will have memories to last a lifetime.