April 25, 2023

brand shoots matter.

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Sarah's Brand-Building Journey.

Being self-employed is hectic, and building a reputable brand is not easy. I thought I'd share a little bit about one of my friends that I've seen really putting in the hard work over the past few years. Sarah is a hair and make-up artist and started her business, Glow, 10 years ago. Over the years her business served as her side-hustle, something she didn't have the time to give her all. But a year ago Sarah quit her full-time job to pursue her passion and give her "side-hustle" the attention it deserved. She is now a well known and well established hair and make up artist (HMUA) in Durban with a flourishing career in the wedding industry.

Last year I helped Sarah out with a brand shoot as she took the leap of faith to leave her job because I honestly believe these are such a great setup for anyone wanting to represent themselves well in the online/digital space. We had such fun shooting this content and she has been able to use the images on her social media, website, and various documentation she sends out to clients. Whether you're a big brand, or a small business owner, these kinds of shoots will set you up above the rest!

Here are some points on why we think booking a brand shoot is so important for your business:

  • Branding

Brand shoots are an important aspect of building a strong brand identity and representing yourself well. When you create visually appealing and consistent images, you establish a recognizable brand that helps customers identify your products or services. 

  • Marketing

Brand shoots can be used in a variety of marketing materials, including brochures, billboards, and social media posts. These images can help you communicate your message and values to potential customers in a way that text alone cannot.

  • Product showcasing

A brand shoot allows you to showcase products or services in a professional and attractive way. It's the perfect opportunity to highlight the key features and benefits of what you have to offer, making you stand out from the competition.

  • Building trust

A well-executed brand shoot builds trust with customers by showing them that you take your image and branding seriously. It can be scary for clients/customers to do everything online (because scammers are clever!) but when they can see the professionalism through the way you show up online and digitally, you are showing them they can trust you.  

  • Competitive advantage

In a highly competitive market, having a strong brand image can give you a significant advantage over the competition. A professional brand shoot can help you stand out and attract new customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.

If you know you need this kind of help while establishing your business or brand then get in contact with me and let's look at how we can capture and represent your passion well. 


Photos: Stephen Michael

Brand: Glow Hair & Make Up Artistry